About Us

Into the Net was started in 2011 by
founding members Lushinka and Colleen Scott.

Our Mission

The business was born from a desire to increase the level of netball skills at school level in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. In short, to get southern suburbs schools to compete equally with the much vaunted Northern Suburbs schools.

Our Vision

This increased representation at provincial and national level, firstly at school’s level and then growing into tertiary education. The localized thrust of the business will hopefully result in better performance at school level in our region.

A passion for Netball

Core to the success of the business is growing the passion for the sport and creating an awareness that it can continue to be placed beyond high school. Key to that is to upskill players and grow the support personel needed to achieve this.

Achieving our Goals

We are thrilled to note that since inception of the business there is a definite increase in the number of girls making it to the provincial level.