I am a partner of Lushinka Nash in the Into the Net Netball Academy.

Netball has been a passion of mine since I was introduced to the sport at the age of 8 years ! I played for Border Schools Netball and Boland and Western Province at Senior level. I represented the SA U25 and senior teams as a player.

I have coached primary and senior school players, club teams, provincial teams and the SA U21 team at the World Junior Championships, so have varied exposure and experience.

I wanted to take my passion and instill it in youngsters, so took up a coaching role when I stopped playing.

What keeps me going

I love the interaction with players from beginners right up to SA level seniors and seeing the mental and physical development when they learn new skills. I enjoy the challenges of the learning experience as well as all the mental challenges that go with the game.

I am always challenging myself to learn new techniques and drills and keep myself updated with the most up to date coaching aspects and styles.

Greatest Influence

Wendy Properjohn, Hantie du Toit, Doreen Liston, Marina Klussman and Marlene Wagner to name a few on the coaching side.

My legendary team mates, Debbie Hamman, Rese Hugo, Annemarie Gaigher, Elma Lourens and Benita Niewoudt to name a few