My daughter Ruby has attended the academy for the past few years. Every Saturday morning, no matter how late she gets to bed Friday nights, she peels herself off her pillow, because she knows that missing a session is not an option – too much valuable up-skilling takes place. Besides the invaluable learning, one of the biggest advantages of the sessions is that every girl that attends is serious about netball & wants to be there.

Nichol Kurgan

Our 2 daughters aged 10 and 12 have been training with Lushinka for 3 years now. They went from shy novices to confident proactive players under the enthusiastic and nurturing coaching of Lushinka, Colleen and all their assistants. They are in awe of and inspired by the achievements of all the coaches. This contributes to their eagerness to attend training every Saturday morning. This has come at a very critical stage of their development and maturation and we certainly have no regrets about making the decision to sign the girls up. Keep it up Lushinka and team.

Azgher and Faheema Karjieker

How fantastic is that. Southern Suburbs makes a comeback. And all have been coached by you guys. Apparently they like a standing shooter who can catch a ball anywhere. Can’t believe how far you guys have gotten Astrid. I am so thankful to you all!